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Think Digital

Aug 14, 2018

You might have seen some FB ads out there which you really liked. You could tell they converted—and were probably part of a profitable funnel.

It’s easy to think they know secrets about copy, marketing or persuasion. Secrets you don’t know yet. The truth is: While messaging certainly plays a role, one way successful businesses lower their ad spend and increase their revenue is by using not-so-obvious targeting strategies.

That way, they laser-focus on audiences of reactive prospects instead of broadcasting to strangers (no, this isn’t run-off-the-mill retargeting).

In this episode, Justin reveals 5 strategies successful businesses use to increase revenue and lower cost.

Show highlights include:

- How to turn your email-list opt-outs into profit (people don’t usually unsubscribe because they hate you…) (3:15)
- Which little-known retargeting strategy creates an audience of hyper-reactive prospects to market to. (6:35)
- The two things 7-figure businesses do better—without having a better product or service. (8:10)
- The important difference between custom audiences and lookalike audiences. (9:50)
- What to do before you upload your email list to FB. (13:10)
- Why and how to layer lookalike audiences in your ad sets for hyper-focused audiences. (14:30)
- How to leverage the audiences other businesses have successfully marketed to. (16:20)
- Where to find a bonus strategy—free. (17:55)

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