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Think Digital

Aug 21, 2018

Whether you’re trying to improve your content marketing strategy, your bookkeeping or your paid traffic, there is no one tactic which works perfectly for every single business.

This can be frustrating: It creates overwhelm, confusion and even desperation when we don’t know how to move forward. Luckily, there are guidelines and macro-level truths which generate success independent of the micro-level execution.

In this episode, Justin shares how broke businesses fail to be successful in paid traffic and how successful 7-figure companies think about paid traffic to extract big ROIs.

Show highlights include:

- Why not to cling onto your dollars (even if you have few) and why not to freak out when your business takes a dip. (2:30)
- Never use the “word growth hacking” or say “we’ll try it for a bit” in your business—it might make you broke. (4:35)
- The three essential mindsets 7-figure businesses employ for paid traffic and overall business success. (7:45)
- How the stock market mantra “buy low, sell high” lets you skyrocket your paid traffic (it’s NOT buying the cheapest clicks..) (starts at 12:15)
- How even successful paid traffic can destroy your business—and what makes a business able to thrive with effective marketing. (16:30)
- All businesses which run effective paid traffic are based on one characteristic—is yours? (19:00)

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