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Think Digital

Jun 19, 2018

You might’ve noticed many of the marketing campaigns you see are suspiciously similar to other campaigns. And it’s true: Once something is successful in one area, entrepreneurs and marketers flock to the market to profit off of the idea.

While some entrepreneurs draw inspiration, add their own twist and execute their own unique strategy, other „marketers“ ruthlessly steal.

In this episode, you’ll learn what do do when your successful idea gets copied or stolen (without getting lawyers involved).

Show highlights include:

- What Mexican restaurants know about optimizing for speed vs. optimizing for quality. (2:40)

- An example of being influenced by something vs. theft. (8:15)

- Why you can’t avoid people copying you—and why that’s a good thing. (9:50)

- Two steps you can take when others steal your work. (14:15)

- What to do when your work gets ripped off. (15:40)

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